Seej at Maker Faire Detroit 2012

There are splintered shields and broken hopes among the solder blobs on the ground at the Henry Ford, site of Maker Faire Detroit 2012.

MakerBot Industries was kind enough to give me the opportunity to talk about Seej at their booth on Saturday. Afterwards I hung around and played Seej against passers-by, losing more often than not.

While I was playing I realized that players need a way to commemorate their games. I usually travel with a backpack full of tools, including a Sharpie. So I signed and dated a few bloxen and left them with the booth crew.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of room to write on most of the current designs. This is remedied with the Tournament Bloxen; it sports a large, flat plaque upon which players can immortalize an event:

Flagrant stagecraft alert: I didn’t have this tournament bloxen at the Maker Faire, but if I had, this is exactly what I’d have written on it before handing it over to a victorious opponent.

I’d like to accumulate a mantel full of these, signed by different Seej players.

The gentleman in the Makerbot t-shirt is Matt Griffin from MakerBot Industries, all-around nice guy and excellent child wrangler, refereeing a match.

The younger kids seemed mostly interested in building structures out of bloxen. MakerBot had printed a few dozen bloxen of various kinds and colors, so there was plenty for them to work with. Look at the size of this stack protecting a young Seejmaester:

This kid destroyed me in about five turns.

Note: if you and/or your child appears in one of these photos and you’d like it removed, please notify me immediately.

Download the Tournament Bloxen from Thingiverse.

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