D&D Dice Box

UPDATE! You can Download this model for free and print it yourself on a 3D printer. Or zip on over to Etsy and I’ll print you as many as you like.

Plinth is one of those words that doesn’t come up very often in conversation very often, unless one is a student of art history or architecture. It’s included as one of the basics in my Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters book, 础 (chu, third tone) as a foundational character, but I can’t see where I’d work it into my pidgin asking for extra towels at a Beijing hotel.

There’s a lot of Dungeons and Dragons going on these days at Casa de Zheng (or, as they say in Stuttgart, Zhenghaus,) so naturally we’ve got a proliferation of dice sets.

Dice arrive from the comic book store in these clever little boxes. I can’t print in transparent plastic (yet) so for now I’m limited to printing customized plinths for lil’ necromancers.

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