Seej Starter Set

June 1, 2012

I’ve cleaned up and consolidated all the basic models necessary for a pick-up game of Seej and posted them as a single .zip file.

Rules for Seej are at or at the Seej button above.

The Duergar are stoking the forge! Follow Zheng3_Jim for Seej engine teasers. Expect a new Seej engine during the week of June 4.

Planting a second flag.

May 15, 2012

Again, a 3-piece model. I changed the shaft from a hexagonal to a square profile. Same printing settings as the last flag.

The 45° cut in the right edge seems to be about the most that the Replicator can handle.

Planting a flag

May 10, 2012

Finally got this flag to print after a couple of tries. I’ve had success printing white ABS in tall vertical columns, but not so with black. I ended up printing the pole horizontally after a couple of amusing failures.

It’s a 3-piece model. Five seconds with a razor knife got everything to fit together just fine.

ReplicatorG Settings:

HBP: 120° C
1.8mm Black ABS
Using Raft
Layer Height: .25
Number of shells: 1
Feedrate: 30 mm/sec
Travel Feedrate: 55