Socket to me.

June 6, 2012

I can’t think of many designs that aren’t improved by making them glow. LED’s are the tinker’s equivalent of Photoshop Layer Effects.

The LED socket is my attempt to play industrial designer; I wanted to make an object that was intuitive, elegant, and easy to use. So I started small.

It’s designed to hold a 5mm LED and battery without trimming the leads.

The recessed cradle for the LED is straight on one side so the user is guaranteed to get the orientation of the cathode correct. The grooves on the sides should just fit 5mm LED leads if they’re bent with two 90° angles around the bottom of the socket.

The bottom of the socket is also grooved so that the socket can stand on its base like a candle.

Instructions: Feed the leads through the holes at the top of the socket. Insert the battery through the hole at the bottom of the socket. If the bulb doesn’t light, flip the battery around.

Once the bulb is lit, bend the LED leads around the bottom of the socket and press them into the side grooves to keep them out of the way.

This uses a DL1025 or equivalent battery.

She comes in colors

May 21, 2012

Kristen Wiig’s recent exit from SNL accompanied by The Rolling Stones’ She’s a Rainbow got me thinking about printing in different colors. Black and natural ABS are nice, sure, but red’s looking really sharp.

It seems to print more reliably than black or natural. Maybe I’m getting better at printing, maybe it’s the plastic, maybe it’s Maybelline.

Bonus: As any Warhammer 40K Ork will tell you, red things go faster.

Grab the STL here from Thingiverse.

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